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Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps

When you’re considering your heating options in Burlington, VT, furnaces and heat pumps are may be competing for top of your list. They are two of the most common types of heating systems in the US, and they both heat efficiently and effectively when properly installed. At Red Rock Mechanical LLC, we offer a wide range of heating options for the home. Remember that no matter what type of system you have installed in your home, hire a trained and certified heater specialist. Only a pro knows how to maximize the heating potential of your new heater. Call Red Rock Mechanical LLC  in Burlington, VT today!

Let’s take a look at furnaces and heat pumps:

  • Furnaces heat your home by converting energy drawn from a fuel source and making hot air that is circulated throughout your home via air ducts. While gas furnaces are generally recognized to be highly efficient, some customers still heat their homes by burning oil. Depending on the make and model, a furnace will vary in its efficiency, although the top of the line gas-based systems often offer AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings as high as 97%, which means that only 3% of the energy is wasted. Furnaces are known for their reliable heating capabilities during the coldest of winters.
  • Heat pumps heat your home by a different method entirely. Instead of converting energy from a fuel source, they run on electricity. The heat pump works much like an air conditioner in that it uses a refrigerant to transfer heat indoors during the heating season. The added benefit of a heat pump is that it can also cool your home during the summer by reversing the heat transfer process. This makes it a highly versatile choice for customers looking to for a year-round comfort solution. However, since heat pumps don’t heat efficiently at low temperatures, you will probably need some sort of auxillary heater to help keep your home comfortable during very cold days.

Keep in mind that you can also pair a furnace and heat pump together. That way, you’ll be covered for moderate shifts in temperature as well as those harsh winter days, when you need more of a heating boost. Call Red Rock Mechanical LLC for furnace or heat pump installation in Burlington, VT.

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