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Do I Need to Schedule Heating Repair if My Vents Smell Bad?

Your heating system may not have an artificial intelligence hooked up to it, but it does have ways to provide you with warnings about malfunctions and potential repairs. Grinding and clicking noises, intermittent heat levels, cold rooms, and sudden spikes in energy bills: each of these can indicate a heating system developing trouble that may require professional attention and repairs.

Another common warning sign: unpleasant musty smells emanating from the vents along with the warm air. This certainly isn’t normal—but does it necessarily mean you need to have repairs done?

We will deal a bit with that question in this post. If you do need heating repair in Plattsburgh, NY, use your best available resource: contact the staff at Red Rock Mechanical, the family-owned company that puts customer satisfaction first.

What’s causing that bad smell from the vents?

A common reason for a musty smell coming from your vents, one that definitely requires you schedule heating repairs, is breaks along the ductwork. A gap in a section of the ducts may cause the heating system to begin drawing in air from the hidden spaces of your home, such as between the walls, in crawlspaces, or from the attic. The air in these regions is usually dirtier than elsewhere in your home, and you will start to smell this noisome air as it comes from your vents.

Ductwork problems need repairs because they will lead to a loss of air pressure that will force your furnace to work harder to achieve its target temperature, and this means further repairs and a system that rapidly ages.

A particularly vile smell might occur because of an animal carcass inside the vents: usually these scents are so strong you have to act on them. Although this won’t require heating system repairs, you will need to contact as HVAC company familiar with ducts to extract the problem without damaging the ductwork.

If you can’t determine what is causing the foul odor, you can rely on highly-trained professionals to track down the problem. Contact Red Rock Mechanical, where all our technicians are NATE-certified so you know you will get top-quality work done on your Plattsburgh, NY heating repair.

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