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Will High Levels of Summer Heat Damage My Air Conditioning System?

Your air conditioning system does the lion’s share of its annual work during the summer; the heat of the middle of the year is the reason you have an AC in first place! But when the heat crests to its highest seasonal levels, will it possibly cause the AC to overheat, or suffer other types of damage to its components? This is a question we sometimes hear from our customers, and we’d like to address it.

The air conditioner’s summer workload

In a very basic way, higher heat does mean damage to the system… the damage from general wear and tear. You’ll have the air conditioner running more often when the heat level climbs because the AC will need a longer period to reach the cooling level you set on the thermostat. This kind of stress on the system is what you should simply anticipate for your air conditioner, and regular maintenance will alleviate most of it. Make sure that you always schedule your maintenance inspection and tune-up for the spring!

The strain of higher heat levels

There’s another way that an air conditioner will strain more during intense heat, aside from how long it stays running. An air conditioner is a type of heat exchanger: it moves heat from inside a house to the outside. It becomes more difficult to exhaust heat to an area that’s already hot. The larger imbalance between the cool temperatures indoor and the high temperatures outdoors, the more work the AC must do. This is one reason why we recommend you keep the thermostat set to a higher temperature such as 78°F, since it reduces the temperature difference.

Capacitor burn-out

One component in an AC that can suffer damage due to heat is the capacitors, which transfer electrical voltage to the motors. Intense heat can cause them to burn-out, and they’ll then need replacement. This isn’t usually a problem in our climate; it’s more common in desert areas. Capacitors can fail for other reasons, however.

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