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Bad Smells from the Drains… And How to Put a Stop to Them

Unpleasant sewer-like odors aren’t something you ever want in your house. Unfortunately, this can occur if there are problems with the drains in your home or the sewer line that connects the drainpipes to the municipal sewer system.

There are a number of different sources for bad-smelling drains. Some are easy to correct. Others are serious and will take the work of skilled professional plumbers to repair. Below are the most common reasons for drain smells and what you can do about them.

  • Dried p-trap: The p-trap is the part of a drainpipe that stops sewer gas from flowing backwards and out of the drain. It’s a u-shaped section of the pipe (it looks like a “P” if you turn your head to the side) right beneath the drain, and the water trapped in it serves as a barrier against odors. If all the water evaporates from the p-trap, sewer gas will enter your house. Simply run water down the drain for a minute to restore the water barrier.
  • Organic build-up: If your kitchen sink has a thick build-up of organic waste like grease, fat, and food particles, it can start to rot and create a stink. Call for drain cleaning from pros to solve this.
  • Blocked drain vents: The drain vents that prevent pressure accumulation inside the drainpipes can become blocked, which will force sewer gas up through the drains around the house. Licensed plumbers will track down the blockage and remove it.
  • Sewer line trouble: If the sewer line itself is blocked or damaged, sewer smells will be forced up drains all around the house. This is a major issue, and it needs plumbers with the best equipment to fix it—before you start getting sewage backing up through the drains!

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