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Why Replace Your AC in the Fall

Summer time is air conditioning time in places like Plattsburgh, NY, with high temperatures and humidity the norm. We need quality air conditioning systems to keep our homes cool and comfortable when the mercury starts to rise, and with regular maintenance, you can expect your AC unit to last for many years. Sooner or later, however, everything wears out and eventually you’ll need to consider replacing your existing air conditioning unit with a new one. When you do it’s probably a good idea to think about doing it in the fall rather than any other time of year.

The best reason is the most obvious. You don’t want to go without air conditioning in the height of summer when even a few hours turns your home into a sauna. As the temperature drops to more comfortable levels, a trained technician can begin installation without worrying about a sudden heat wave. On the flipside, completing installation before the first snow arrives makes the process infinitely easier, leaving you with a unit all ready to go by the time spring rolls around.

On a more subtle level, fall makes a good time to schedule a maintenance session: after the busy period of summer has ended and with plenty of time to budget and plan for any necessary repairs. Installing the unit in the fall makes it easier to set up maintenance at the same time each year. (You can schedule similar maintenance calls in the spring before the temperatures really warm up.)

When you decide to replace your AC, make sure you contact a company that will give you good money for your dollar. Proper installation is vital to an efficient system, delaying the kind of loose bolts, leaky parts and ill-fitting components that lead to further wear and tear. The fall gives you plenty of time to contemplate your options and select the company that’s right for you. Red Rock Mechanical LLC can install new air conditioning units in Plattsburgh, NY and throughout the surrounding communities. Contact us today to set up a consultation. Our experts will replace your AC with complete dedication to your total satisfaction.

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