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Caring for Your Air Conditioning System in Burlington, VT as the Off Season Approaches

Air conditioning systems keep us cool during the hot summer months. But as warm as our summers are, our winters are equally cold, and your air conditioning unit probably won’t see much use once the leaves begin to turn. As the off-season approaches, you can take a few steps to care for your air conditioning system and make sure it’s ready to go again the next time summer rolls around.

  • Maintenance: Like any other mechanical device, the air conditioning system requires routine maintenance in order to function at its best. Filters need to be changed, coils need to be cleaned, leaks need to be sealed, and worn parts need to be replaced with new ones. In the course of doing so, an expert may spot signs of more serious problems down the road, and help the homeowner take steps to address it before it results in a major repair bill. The autumn months are an excellent time to do this, since it won’t impact the cooling of your home and you have plenty of time to schedule a service call.
  • Gardening: It sounds a little strange, but the early autumn is a good time to trim back some of the verge that may be encroaching in your air conditioning system. Trees and shrubs that are too close to the unit’s vents should be trimmed back, and weeds around the unit should be pulled. If there are leaves or twigs in the vents at all, you should scoop them up and remove them.
  • Thermostat: Most people keep their thermostats at a certain level during the summer months. At the end of the season, you should reset it to a higher temperature, which will lower your bills while still keeping your home comfortable. You should also keep the shorter daylight hours in mind: if you set your thermostat to a different temperature starting in the evening hours, you may want to start setting it at an earlier time now that autumn is coming.

The air conditioning experts at Red Rock Mechanical can help you care for your system as the off season approaches, either by performing a routine maintenance call or enacting something more significant when the temperatures are mild. Call us today to make an appointment.

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