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Why HVAC Contractors Recommend Scheduling Fall Heating Maintenance

This is something you will hear from any HVAC contractor: each fall, you must arrange for a professional technician to come to your home and provide your heating system with an inspection and tune-up. It doesn’t matter if you rely on a heat pump, electric furnace, gas furnace, boiler, or some other type of central heating system. It needs to have this maintenance done before the winter weather arrives.

We’ll explain below a few of the reasons why this is a universal recommendation from professionals.

It helps prevent surprise breakdowns

The #1 reason that you need maintenance for your heater is it will help avoid an unpleasant system breakdown during one of the coldest days of the year. If the heater doesn’t have checks to find repair issues and cleaning and adjustments to relieve stress on it, it will run a higher risk of failing when forced to do a large amount of work. Thanks to maintenance, you probably won’t find yourself in a panic trying to get emergency repairs done.

It keeps the heater running safely

This is mostly important for gas furnaces and boilers. Regular maintenance will help them to continue to operate without creating any safety hazards from leaking exhaust gases.

It stops operating costs from rising

A heater will turn inefficient if it is allowed to run without routine tune-ups. On average, a heating system will cost about 5% more to operate for each year that it goes without a maintenance visit. These price increases will quickly add up.

It extends equipment life

When a heating system doesn’t receive regular maintenance, its life expectancy will plunge and it will need to be replaced years before it should. Maintenance will help you see that you get the best return investment on your heater’s original installation.

There are many more reasons to schedule maintenance this fall. Get started by calling Red Rock Mechanical LLC in Burlington, VT.

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