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What Goes on During Heating Maintenance in Burlington, VT?

Having professional maintenance performed on your heating system is a vital part of keeping you warm during the beautiful but lengthy Vermont winters. Any hard-working mechanical device with moving parts—from a dishwasher to a car engine—requires regular maintenance to give it a long life. A home heater in a city that gets as chilly as Burlington will need at least an annual check-up to make sure it functions efficiently and won’t threaten to break down during the least convenient times.

We’ll explain what occurs during heating maintenance in Burlington, VT to help you understand why it is so important. You can expect top-quality preventive maintenance like this from the experts at Red Rock Mechanical.

Although the work a technician performs during a maintenance visit depends on the type of heater you have installed, you can expect these general steps:

  • Inspection: The HVAC expert will give all the components in your heater a thorough examination. Electrical connections, gas valves, pilot lights, pipes, ducts, heating elements, belts, motors, fans, water tanks—anything that might suffer from dirt accumulation or sustain damage from wear and tear. If any part looks like it requires repairs or replacement, your technician will identify what needs to be done to keep your heater healthy through the winter.
  • Cleaning: Your heater most likely picked up dust and dirt during its summer vacation. If more than a year has passed since it received a check-up, your system might have serious clogs that could create major issues when it turns on. The technician will clean out any debris build-up that might interfere with fans, blowers, valves, the pilot light, or other vital components.
  • Tune-ups: Similar to an engine tune-up on your car, your heater requires adjustments to keep it performing at peak efficiency. Depending on the type of system installed in your home, this can involve recalibrating the thermostat or tightening the line connections to a boiler.

Regular maintenance will reward you with a more efficient and durable heater that won’t drain extra power and raise your bills. The fall season is the best time to schedule a maintenance visit because HVAC companies have fewer emergency calls filling their calendars. They can easily arrange an appointment convenient for you.

Contact Red Rock Mechanical today for Burlington, VT heating maintenance. You will appreciate our years of experience and personal touch.

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