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Key Plumbing Jobs That Must Have a Plumbing Professional

Monday, January 1st, 2024


Plumbing is an essential component of our homes, responsible for providing clean water and safely disposing of waste. While it’s tempting to tackle plumbing issues as DIY projects to save money, not all plumbing tasks should be taken lightly. There are critical plumbing jobs that require the expertise of a professional plumber. In this article, we’ll explore these key plumbing tasks and explain why hiring a plumbing professional is crucial.

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The Best Way to Deal With Frozen Pipes

Monday, January 4th, 2021

frozen-pipeThe great winter fear for plumbing: frozen pipes! It’s a trouble most of us have some familiarity with because of our extreme winters. It’s the reason people tell you to always have your central heater set for at least 55°F when you’re away from home. There may be nobody in the house, but your pipes need a bit of warmth or they might freeze solid and create all types of problems.

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Why Your Plumbing May Develop Pinhole Leaks

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

In a recent post, we approached one of the major problems that can hinder a home’s air conditioning system: refrigerant leaks caused by corrosion linked to chemicals in the air. In this post, we’re going to look at a similar problem that can negatively affect your home’s plumbing: pinhole leaks.

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Minor Plumbing Problems That Can Become Big Plumbing Problems

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Nobody likes dealing with plumbing problems, and if the issue isn’t seriously debilitating, we all have a tendency to let it be. Why not put up with a slow drip in the faucet, for example, or a sink that’s slow to drain? In point of fact, however, those little issues have a way of becoming bigger ones at the worst possible moment. If you’re looking for a plumbing service, Williston VT has a number of reputable companies, and you should always call them sooner rather than later. Here’s a breakdown of minor plumbing problems that can become big plumbing problems.

Consider the issue of leaks for example. A small out-of-the-way leak may not seem like a big deal, especially if the slow drip of water doesn’t affect the pressure from the faucet. But that drip can affect your house in ways you can’t predict. Water left on its own can work horrors on nearby wood and drywall, creating major problems with your home. It can also damage electric circuitry and wall outlets. By the time the leak becomes bad enough to affect the water pressure, you may be looking at a serious repair bill.

The same thing happens with clogs. The longer they remain, the more other detritus from your sink builds up. That makes the clogs stronger and harder to dislodge, as well as clogging up more and more of the pipe. Getting to a clog early can be comparatively easy. But if you wait, then the plumber may need to deploy more expensive equipment to fix the issue, or even replace the pipe itself. Sooner is always better when dealing with clogs. Your plumbing system will thank you for it.

To handle minor plumbing problems that can become big plumbing problems, call upon the professionals at Red Rock Mechanical for help. When it comes to plumbing service, Williston, VT residents can’t find a more reliable company, and we treat little problems with the same reverence and care that we handle big ones. Give us a call today to make an appointment and take care of that lingering little issue before it gets too big to ignore.

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