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Warning Signs You Need Duct Repair Service

ductwork-in-atticWhen thinking about air conditioning or heating your home, you probably don’t give much thought to one of the most vital parts of the HVAC system. The “V” in “HVAC,” which is ventilation. And for most homes—probably including yours—the ventilation system is made up of ducts constructed from sheet metal, flexible plastic and aluminum, and duct board.

In order for your home’s heating and cooling to work at peak efficiency and effectiveness, it must have a tightly sealed ventilation system. This is how air pressure is maintained for the proper deliver of cooled and heated air to the vents around the home, and it prevents the loss or gain of heat. If the ventilation system sustains damage or develops air leaks (something that’s unfortunately common), it will create major problems for comfort and energy use in your house.

You’ll need professionals to repair your homes ducts. (No, duct tape won’t do the job). To schedule duct repair in Plattsburgh, NY, contact our office and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll start with duct testing and then find the best solutions from there.

However, considering the ductwork in your home is hidden behind the walls and ceilings, how will you be able to tell it’s time for professional duct repair? There are some warning signs to watch for:

  • Rattling sounds when the blower fan is on: When the blower fan for the AC or furnace turns on, you can expect some noise from the ducts, particularly the metal segments, because of the change of temperature within the ventilation system. But if parts of the ducts are broken and loose, you’ll hear a distinct rattling sound that won’t subside soon.
  • Low airflow from the vents: Loss of air through gaps and holes in the ductwork will cause the air pressure within the ventilation system to decline. This then leads to a sluggish airflow coming from the room vents. You may first notice this as a change in room temperature (hot spots in summer, cold spots in winter). If the problem stems from low airflow coming from the room vents, duct damage is the likely source.
  • Rising utility bills: According to studies, up to 30% of the air moving through ductwork can be lost to gaps and holes. That’s air you’ve already paid to heat or cool that isn’t reaching the rooms, instead going to empty places between the walls and the attic. If you have noticed higher heating and cooling costs than normal, the source may be damaged ducts. (Whatever the source, it needs HVAC technicians to investigate.)
  • Dusty and moldy odors when the AC or heater is running: Gaps inside the ventilation system will allow air from closed-in places in the house to enter the ducts and then get blown into the living spaces. This air will usually have a dusty or moldy odor. If you notice these smells when the blower fan for the AC or heater turns on, it’s something that needs to be looked into.

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