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Reasons Why Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Many homes in Plattsburgh NY are heated by a gas furnace. The technology is reliable and relatively inexpensive: burning gas to heat air which is then distributed through your home. If your furnace won’t turn on, you need to call a professional repair service to address the issue, especially in the winters when the snows start to fall. A low air flow or a lack of heat is bad enough, but if the furnace won’t turn on at all, it may indicate a serious issue. Here’s a list of some of the more prominent reasons why your furnace won’t turn on.

  • Pilot light out. The gas in your furnace is ignited by a pilot light, which should be on all the time in order to provide heat when you need it. If the pilot light goes out, the furnace won’t turn on. In most cases, the pilot light apparatus will need to be replaced, though it can be relit if the problem isn’t substantial.
  • Thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety valve near the pilot light (sometimes a part of the same component) which regulates the flow of gas into the combustion chamber. If there’s a problem with the gas line or the pilot light, the thermocouple with turn off the gas automatically so that it won’t flood your home.
  • Electrical issues. Some furnaces use electricity to run certain components, including the blower fan and possibly the pilot light as well. If there’s an overload or a problem with the wiring, the furnace won’t receive any power and you won’t have any heat generated.

No matter what the cause, you need a professional to determine why your furnace won’t turn on. Call the professionals at Red Rock Mechanical for help.  We handle Plattsburgh, NY heating issues of all varieties, and our trained experts can determine the cause of your heater malfunction. We also perform installation services, and can set up a maintenance schedule to keep your furnace clean and running. We’re standing by to help, so give us a call today.

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