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Reasons You Have Too Many Clogged Drain Problems

water-down-drainWhen a drain clogs up or becomes so slow it might as well be clogged, it’s an annoyance. Sometimes a plunger can fix it, other times you need to summon one of our plumbers. Although regular drain cleaning and maintenance for your plumbing can reduce the number of clogged drains you face, there’s no way to prevent all of them.

One clogged drain in Burlington, VT is a nuisance. Frequently clogged drains or multiple clogged drains at the same time can indicate a major problem with your plumbing that will require the intervention of a professional plumber. If you are running into clogs as a regular problem, we recommend calling us to have a closer look. 

Here are some of the reasons you may have habitual drain clog troubles:

A drain system that needs extensive cleaning

The issue may be that you haven’t had a full cleaning for your drains in years, and the drainpipes are filled with debris that makes it easy for clogs to start, such as food waste in kitchen drains and hair and soap scum in bathroom drains. We advise our customers to have drain cleaning done each year. A thorough cleaning now with powerful hydro-jetting tools will give the drains a fresh start and make frequent clogs a memory.

Hard water deposits

A home that has hard water will develop limescale deposits along the walls of the pipes. This reduces the volume in the drainpipes and increases the chances of clogs. It also spikes water pressure in the freshwater lines and creates numerous other troubles, such as putting water heaters in danger. You can have hydro-jetting to get rid of limescale, but you’ll still need to address the hard water issue with a water softener. 

Clogged drain vents

The drain vents are vertical pipes from the plumbing system that lead to the roof. The vents remove the pressure from sewer gas build up so the gas won’t be forced up through the drains and create a foul odor in the house. If the vents are clogged, it will force gas the other direction and can lead to clogs. Don’t go to the roof of your house to fix this: call a plumber. 

Root infiltration into the sewer line

This is a common trouble for sewer lines. The roots of trees and other plants move naturally toward the temperature difference and nutrients in a sewer line. They can infiltrate the line and lead to clogs that will affect drains all around the house. The roots may eventually cause a break in the line. Sewer cleaning and sewer relining can fix this. 

The sewer line needs to be replaced

This is the most extreme situation—the sewer line has broken because of age and is causing a backup in the drainage system. The clogged drains are only an early warning; soon, sewage will start to back up into the house. The solution to this problem is a big one, which is replacing the entire sewer line. However, this is a job we have handled many times before, and you can trust that we’ll get it done fast.

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