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Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure Around Your House

faucet-drippingIf you’ve ever tried to take a shower in a house with low water pressure, you’ll know how difficult it is. But this is only one of many annoyances that low water pressure can cause. Trying to get many basic household tasks done, like cooking and cleaning, become much more difficult when the water from the faucets only trickles out. 

The lack of convenience isn’t the only trouble with low water pressure: it often indicates something worse is going on in the household plumbing. When low water pressure strikes your house, you may need to call for a professional plumber in Plattsburgh, NY. Below we’ll look at possible causes of low water pressure to help you know what next steps to take.

Municipal supply problem

The most common cause of low water pressure in a house comes from outside the house. Problems at the local water plant or a sudden large demand on the municipal water supply (such as from a fire hydrant) can cause water pressure to decline over a wide number of homes. Before you take any further steps about low water pressure, we recommend that you check with your neighbors to see if they have similar problems. If they do, the trouble is municipal: call the utility company to find out when you can expect the water pressure restored.

Stuck shut-off valve

The shut-off valve for your household plumbing allows you or a plumber to stop the flow of water from the water main. This valve is located next to the water meter for the house. The valve may become stuck in a partially closed position, which will cut down on the water flow in the house and reduce pressure. Find the valve and see if you can open it all the way. You may need to call for a plumber if the valve appears permanently stuck. 

Large leaks in the house

Water pressure can drop because of leaking pipes. This is more common in older homes (more than 50 years old) where the plumbing is outdated and decaying. If you’ve encountered frequent problems with pipe leaks and low water pressure, it’s probably time to talk to our plumbers to arrange for whole-house repiping.

Blocked or damaged water main

The water main to your house may have major leaks in it, even a full break, and often low water pressure is the earliest warning this is occurring. Check outside on your property for damp spots or pooling water indicating the line is leaking. Another problem the water main may encounter is a blockage from tree root growth or the build-up of minerals. Whatever is wrong with the water main, you’ll need professional plumbers on the job right away. (Yes, the water main is your responsibility, not the city’s, as long as it runs under your property.) 

Our plumbers will find out what is wrong with your home’s water pressure if there isn’t a simple explanation. We’ll see your plumbing is soon restored to its best condition. 

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC serves Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. If you have trouble with low water pressure in your house, make an appointment with our plumbers.

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