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The Nonstop AC: What Might Be Causing It

fan-grill-cuWhen your air conditioning system won’t turn on, you know it means trouble. After all, you’ll feel the effects right away and want something done about it. But what about the reverse problem, an air conditioning system that won’t stop running? You may enjoy the cool house for a bit, but when the AC won’t power down, you’ll not only have a house that’s too cold, you’ll also waste enormous amounts of money and have an air conditioner that’s wearing down so fast that it will need replacement years too early.

Although there are sometimes simple solutions to the nonstop air conditioner, in many cases you’ll need our assistance for AC repair in Williston, VT to get the cooling system under control. Below are some of the possible causes of a runaway air conditioner:

Once more, it may be a clogged air filter

We mention clogged air filters often when we discuss AC problems. That’s because leaving a clogged filter in place is the source of so many AC malfunctions, and it’s also one that’s easy to prevent. If the air conditioner can’t pull enough warm air through the return vents for it to cool down, it will run overtime trying to make up for it. Change a clogged filter and see if the air conditioner goes back to normal.

Thermostat failure

A number of different thermostat malfunctions can cause the climate control system in the house to fail to shut off the air conditioner. It might be a frayed wire connection. The thermostat may be sensing inaccurate temperatures and therefore not shutting the air conditioner off when it’s reached its cooling goal. The thermostat may be exposed to direct sunlight and is reading the house as too hot. A technician can find out the specific problem and fix it.

The AC was incorrectly sized when installed

If this is a brand-new air conditioning system and has never worked correctly, it’s likely that the problem is the air conditioner was poorly installed so it’s the wrong size for the house. If the air conditioner is undersized, it will never be able to reach the cooling requirements for the home and will continue to run. The only way to effectively remedy this problem is to start from scratch with a new AC installation—this time done by professionals who will take the full steps necessary to see the air conditioner is sized accurately.

Dirty outdoor coils

Check to see if the outdoor condenser unit has dirt-covered coils. If the coils are dirty, they won’t be able to expel the heat moved from inside the house, leading to an air conditioner that overheats and won’t turn off. You may need professionals to clean the coils, since blasting a hose into the condenser cabinet may damage the coils.

The AC is too old and needs to be replaced

If your air conditioner is more than 15 years old, failure to shut off often means the system is over-the-hill and needs a replacement. Call our technicians to look over the system and give you an honest answer about “repair vs. replace.”

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