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The Line Set: What It Means for AC Replacement

air-conditioning-tool-bagThe line set is an essential part of any split system air conditioner. A split system AC is probably the type you have: it’s the standard air conditioner set-up of an outdoor condenser cabinet where heat is released and an indoor unit and blower to remove heat from the air and then send it into the ductwork. The line set is the vital part the connects the indoor and outdoor components. It’s a double set of copper refrigerant lines that carry the circulating refrigerant to and from the units. The line set is sometimes exposed and sometimes hidden in the ground.

During an AC installation in Burlington, VT, the copper piping for the AC must be cut to fit the place of the unit, as well as match the specifications for the air conditioner. This requires professional precision, as does anything involved in air conditioning installation. And when it comes time to put in a new air conditioner, professionals need to make special considerations of the line set.

Replace the Line Set or Not?

We always stress with homeowners the need to call only professionals for an AC installation or replacement. The line set is a good example of what can go wrong if amateurs do the work. When replacing an old AC, the installer has to decide if it’s necessary to put in a new line set. Because of the cost of copper piping and the extra labor, amateurs will rarely put in a new line set, even if it’s necessary. This is one of many ways amateurs cut corners to make a profit—they can offer a customer a cheap price for their work because they take every shortcut possible, leaving the customer with an AC that starts leaking from a decaying old line set that should’ve been replaced.

It isn’t always necessary to put in a new line set when replacing an AC. When professionals are on the job, they’ll inspect the line and consider the specifications of the new system in order to make an accurate decision.

For example, if the current line set matches the requirements of the replacement air conditioner, the AC has no history of refrigerant leaks, and the line set is securely in place under slabs or running through walls, it’s usually best to stay with the current line set.

There are situations where line replacement is vital. If you need to replace your current air conditioner because of refrigerant leak problems, the old line set has to go! If you are upgrading from an older AC that uses R-22 refrigerant (which is now phased out of production and use), the line set also needs an upgrade for the new R-410A refrigerant. We also replace line sets that show damage, or line sets that are short and easy to access, making a replacement easy to take care of.

No matter what, we’ll do what’s best for your air conditioning replacement. We take pride in doing quality professional work, and you’ll see the difference.

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