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More about the Benefits of an AC Maintenance Program

air-conditioner-money-saverWe often talk about preventive maintenance for HVAC systems during the spring and fall. These are the seasons when we experience milder weather, and that is an ideal time to have HVAC equipment worked on, repaired, or replaced. It gets a house ready in time for weather extremes and takes advantage of a generally slower time for heating and cooling professionals so it’s easier to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.

We’re in the second half of spring, and if you haven’t thought much about maintaining your air conditioning system in Plattsburgh, NY—even if you’ve already had it running for a couple of days—it’s not too late to have it done!

Does This Maintenance Program Really Help?

Absolutely! In our last post we went over most of the major tangible benefits of our maintenance program. Quick recap: longer equipment life, validate the warranty, avoid unnecessary repairs, prevent cooling emergencies, plus benefits like a 10% discount on parts of labor.

But there are two intangible benefits we didn’t talk much about. The first is convenience.

One way you can manage annual maintenance for your AC and your heater is to mark your calendar for spring and fall with a reminder to call a professional HVAC technician and arrange for the job. This is the harder way to do it, because there’s a good chance you might not actually do it—sort of like remembering to have a dental appointment every six months.

This is why signing up for a preventive maintenance program with a reliable and experienced HVAC contractor is easier. We’ll call to remind you, and you’ll have already paid for the service so everything we’ll be ready to go. And we don’t have simply one flat maintenance program: we offer different levels of maintenance plans to handle both heating systms and air conditioning system, and you don’t need tp have both if it isn’t necessary. The starter plan offers heater maintenance for those homes that don’t have an air conditioning system. (We know everybody has heaters here in New York and Vermont.) Our technicians work with central air conditioners as well as other types of mechanical cooling systems, and you can add these to either of the two levels of plans to create a maintenance program that matches your specific HVAC system and budget.

And our technicians make this job easy: our technicians will only take 1 to 2 hours to do the service, and they’ll present you with a printout of the system efficiency when they’re finished so you can see how your AC is performing.

And the second benefit is peace of mind. You can’t put a price tag on something like the assurance your air conditioner and heater will continue to work the way they should through the harsh weather conditions we sometimes experience. When you head into this summer season with a AC given a clean bill of health from experts, you can relax knowing you have the best protection against something going wrong.

Call our office today in Burlington and we’ll go over your options for a great, long-lived air conditioner (and heater).

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC has a long history serving the HVAC needs of Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York.

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