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Is Your Sump Pump Ready for Spring?

Many homes in Northwest Vermont and Plattsburgh, NY have basements that can suffer from flooding during the spring. Snow melt and rain can add up to large amounts of water getting down into the lower parts of the home, causing damage and leaving behind moisture that can create unpleasant high humidity in the rest of the house. Installing a sump pump is the best way to defend your home from flooding, both major and minor.

If you already use a sump pump for your basement, crawlspace, or other part of your house, make sure that it’s prepared for the spring season. There are a few basic maintenance checks that you can do to make sure that the pump is in good condition.

  • Check the discharge line: This is the line that leads from the pump to the wastewater system. Make sure that it isn’t frozen and doesn’t contain any blockage.
  • Clean out the sump: The sump is the excavated pit that collects water for the pump to remove it. Remove any gravel, dirt, or other debris that may have gotten inside the pit. You don’t want the pump drawing up anything that could lead to obstructions or possible damage.
  • Test out the pump: Take a bucket of water and slowly fill up the sump. The pump should turn on automatically as the sump fills. If it doesn’t, or if it seems to be draining especially slowly, it’s time to call for plumbers to see about repairing the pump (or, in the case of an older pump, possibly replacing it). If the sump pump seems to work fine, run it through a second test as a precaution.

It’s a good idea in general to have regular professional maintenance for a sump pump from skilled plumbers. You can arrange this service as part of another plumbing maintenance job. The plumbers will provide a thorough inspection of the pump and clean its components so it will work its best whenever you should need it.

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