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Here Are AC Troubles That Maintenance Helps Avoid

For any quality HVAC contractor, spring is the season of air conditioning maintenance. It’s certainly the time when everyone here at Red Rock Mechanical recommends our customers schedule their annual inspection and tune-up to get their cooling systems prepped for the hot weather ahead.

There are many reasons to have annual AC maintenance, but the most immediate one is that it helps prevent an air conditioner from suffering malfunctions during hot weather. You don’t want to race to find emergency repairs for your busted air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, after all! Here is just a small list of the AC complications you can avoid thanks the smart preparation of spring maintenance:

  • Burnt-out motors: As with any motor, the motors in an air conditioner can burn out due to rising stress and heat. An HVAC technician looks over the motors during maintenance to see which ones are suffering from extra strain due to dirt or loss of lubricate, and then cleans and lubricates the motors so they’ll make it through the summer.
  • Leaking refrigerant: After an air conditioner is more than five years in operation, it comes under increased risk of developing leaks along the copper refrigerant lines. It’s hard to detect refrigerant leaks at first—although a professional technician will be able to tell. Stopping leaks early and recharging the refrigerant to its factory-set level is essential to stop huge damage to the system that can even include a burnt-out compressor.
  • Efficiency loss: There are multiple troubles in an air conditioner that can cause it to start draining more energy than it should, and a maintenance visit will help prevent many of them. Just one example: the technician will clean off the outdoor coil, which will make the AC more effective at venting heat to the outside, and more efficient as a result.
  • Inaccurate thermostats: Checking on the thermostat is a part of the maintenance checklist at each visit. If the thermostat is misreading temperatures, the technician will recalibrate it so that the AC works accurately and without wasting extra energy because it’s reading the incorrect temperatures in the house.

To arrange for your spring air conditioning maintenance to prepare for summer, call Red Rock Mechanical LLC in Burlington, VT.

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