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Is It Too Late to Bother with Heating Repairs?

It’s spring, and summer is around the corner… but we’re still experiencing cold days here in Plattsburgh and Northwest Vermont. April is never a sure thing when it comes to weather, and you probably know that if you’ve lived here for a year or more. And that means you may still need your heater for a few more weeks before you shift over to the warmer part of the year.

Because this warmer weather is so close, it’s easy to shrug off malfunctions in a heater. However, you shouldn’t do this. It’s not too late to schedule heating repair service. In fact, it’s always the right time for repairs when a heater starts to show signs that it isn’t working well.

The Importance of Prompt Heating Repairs

There are a number of reasons that you must move right away to have a heating system fixed, no matter the time of the year. The top reason is safety. Since the majority of homes use gas furnaces to supply heat (it’s the most effective and inexpensive method), there’s a potential for carbon monoxide leaks when the furnace malfunctions. You don’t want to take the risk of toxic gases entering your house, so have professionals repair the furnace right away before the problem can worsen into something hazardous.

You also don’t want the furnace, heat pump, or other heating system going into its “winter hibernation” with a fault. This makes it much more likely for the system to refuse to turn on when the winter comes around and you need it again. It can be difficult to arrange for emergency heating repairs on the first harsh cold day, while finding repairs in the spring is simpler. Believe us, it’s better to see to an ailing heating system during 45°F weather than when it’s –10°F!

Red Rock Mechanical LLC offers 24-hour emergency heating repair services to the Plattsburgh, NY area and Northwest Vermont.

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