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How to Catch Furnace Repair Problems Early

When temperatures plummet in the middle of winter, the last thing you want to happen is for your gas furnace to suddenly quit working. Although you can call for emergency repairs, you’re still in for an uncomfortable wait… especially if many other homeowners are experiencing the same problem. The best strategy when it comes to repairing a furnace is to have the repairs done as soon as you notice anything wrong with the furnace, even if it’s minor. A furnace rarely suffers a complete breakdown without some warning. We’ve put together some specific warnings to watch for during the late fall when your furnace starts to run regularly.

  • Clanging and booming sounds: Any unusual noise is a cause for concern with a gas furnace. The most common warning sounds are mechanical noises like clanging (a motor that’s on the verge of burning out or a loose air handler) or booming (dirt and dust across the gas burner).
  • Clicking noise: When the blower fan turns off, do you hear a clicking sound coming from the cabinet? This is a noise you should have checked right away, since it might mean cracks in the heat exchanger—and that could be dangerous.
  • Tripped circuit breakers: Wait a minute, you’re thinking, why would a gas furnace trip an electric circuit breaker? The furnace creates heat with gas, but it still requires electricity to run the blower fans and the igniter. Too much stress from a malfunction and the circuit breaker will trip.
  • Cold spots in rooms: During one of the first times you have your furnace running, take a tour of all the rooms. Are there any that feel colder than normal? These hot spots might mean accidentally blocked registers in the rooms, but they can also mean the furnace is starting to lose its heating power.

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