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The End of Winter: Watch for These Heating Troubles

winter-weather-sceneThe official end of winter and the start of spring is March 20, less than a month away. But as anybody who has lived for a few years in Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York can tell you, the weather is extremely unpredictable during this last period of winter. The saying that March “enters like a lamb and leaves like a lion” (and sometimes vice versa) is a short way of saying that you never quite know what the temperatures are going to be like until it finally settles into spring weather. Your heating system still has some work ahead of it.

Keeping a Close Watch on Your Heater

It is important for your family’s continued comfort and safety during the end of winter that you look out for potential heating system troubles. We know that you might feel tempted to ignore small warning signs because the warmer weather is not far off. But no heating malfunction should ever be left alone! There are many risks with ignoring heating system issues: increased energy bills, a sudden loss of heating, a system that won’t work when winter returns, and even safety hazards.

Below are a few of the smaller signs to pay attention to. Contact us for heating service in Burlington, VT if you notice any of these.

Uneven Heating

This is problem that can affect any type of heater—boiler, furnace, heat pump, etc.—and can point to a number of different problems that are leading to rooms suffering from cold spots. It often means there is a general loss of heating power with the system so that it can no longer distribute heat to all the rooms. With forced-air systems (furnaces, heat pumps) this problem can point to leaking in the ventilation system. If a house has zone controls, the trouble may lie with malfunctioning thermostats.

Loud Operation or Odd Sounds

You should have good idea of the types of sounds your heating system makes under normal conditions. When those sounds change, either become louder or produce noises you haven’t heard before, it’s a major red flag that something is wrong. Grinding and other mechanical noises often indicate motors that are wearing down, but it can also be loose parts. Hissing from a heat pump is probably escaping refrigerant. A furnace that’s creating clicking sounds after the blower shuts off is something that needs immediate investigation: there may be a dangerous leak from a cracked heat exchanger. No matter the odd sound, contact HVAC professionals to investigate.

Heating Bills Have Suddenly Jump

Almost any malfunction in a heater, no matter the heater type, will place extra stress on the system. This means the heater will drain more power than usual—and as a result you’ll see higher costs on your utility bills. If you can’t account for this price rise with increased use of your heater, the heater needs to have a professional inspect it.

Please do not attempt to make any heating repairs yourself, or even try a diagnosis on your own. Only trained HVAC professionals can do the work accurately and safely. You can reach our great team for all your heating repair needs.

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