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Does Your Furnace Have a Repair Hangover from Last Winter?

Here’s a situation that you don’t want to run into when the first chilly day of winter arrives: a furnace that breaks and stops working almost as soon as it turns on. You might think, “What’s the chance of that happening?” But if you let your heating end the previous winter with possible repair issues left unattended, you’re taking a big chance that it won’t work when you need it from the coming winter.

This Is One Reason Fall Maintenance Is Essential

Of course, you may not have noticed anything was amiss with the furnace when the spring thaw arrived and the system went into its long mid-year slumber. This happens; many small malfunctions in a furnace are difficult to detect for people who aren’t professionally trained. But this is exactly why you want professional trained technicians to give the system a thorough inspection during the fall.

A maintenance technician can locate small troubles in time to have them fixed before they turn into large troubles when the furnace actually has to get to work. If you haven’t already scheduled fall maintenance, call us right away to get on the queue.

Are There Problems You Already Know About?

Yes, it is tempting to simply ignore warning signs from a furnace at the end of the heating season. You’re about to shut the furnace down for a long stretch, and you simply don’t want to deal with calling for repairs. This is a mistake, however: repairs should always be done at the earliest possible time so the problem will not have the opportunity to worsen.

So if you noticed signs of trouble with your furnace at the end of last winter (odd sounds, drop in heat output, intermittent pilot, burning odors), we recommend you call for repairs now. You don’t want your furnace starting off the winter with a major handicap that can only get worse.

Red Rock Mechanical LLC provides 24-hour emergency service for heating systems. We’ve served Northwest Vermont and the Plattsburgh, NY area for over 23 years!

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