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A Reminder for Heating Season: You Still Need to Change the Air Filter

As we come closer and closer to the cold weather of heating season, it’s important to schedule maintenance and any necessary repairs that your heater might require, no matter what type of system you use for winter weather comfort. One important task that you must take care of during the coming winter is to change the air filter for your forced-air heater (such as a furnace or heat pump) once a month. If your heating system uses a permanent filter, you need to remove it and clean it each month.

Why the filter needs cleaning/changing

The air filter on your heating system isn’t there to help improve your indoor air quality. (If you want filters to trap airborne pollutants, you will need to have a special dedicated system installed.) The air filter on the heater is there to defend the interior of the system from dust and debris infiltration that comes through the return air ducts. As the heater works, more and more debris will collect inside the filter until it reaches a point where air will have trouble flowing through it.

When the filter becomes this congested—which does take about a month during a period of winter heating—it will create multiple issues for the heating system. First, it will force the heater to work harder than it should, resulting in increased energy bills. Second, the reduction of air flow into the heater will also lower the air flow out of it, and you will receive much less heated air from the vents. This means paying extra to have worse heating power.

Finally, a clogged air filter is a threat to the operation of a heating system, and will lead to additional repair problems because of the extra stress placed on it and also lead to it needing an early replacement. A congested filter can also allow dust to get inside the cabinet and cause damage to the components.

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