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3 Reasons to Install a Heat Pump for Your Air Conditioning

Are you looking for a new air conditioning system to install before the summer heat arrives? One option that you should put on your list is a heat pump. A heat pump takes the basic operation of an air conditioning system and changes it so that it can also switch the direction it moves heat and brings heat indoors.

Here are three reasons that you should consider a heat pump if you are looking for a new air conditioning installation:

ONE: Heating and cooling

There is no bigger advantage from a heat pump than its dual action. With only one adjustment on the thermostat, your heat pump will change from air conditioning mode to cooling mode. Your concerns for comfort are taken care of throughout the year with a single installation. (See the caution below, however.)

TWO: Powerful air conditioning

A heat pump is as effective at cooling a space as a standalone air conditioner of the same size. Adding the ability to heat as well as cool doesn’t detract from the heat pump’s cooling power.

THREE: Energy-efficient heating

Although heat pumps are not as powerful when in heating mode as in cooling mode, they do consume less energy than many other types of heating systems, such as gas and electric furnaces. The reason for this is that heat pumps do not burn any energy to create heat, they only use energy to run the components to move heat from place to place—and that adds up to a significant difference in your favor.

One caution, however…

Don’t install a heat pump just to use as an air conditioner. That’s wasting the potential of the system (as well as wasting money). A heat pump is designed to provide both cooling and heating, and to receive the most from your investment you need to see that it works in cold and warm weather. Make sure, before deciding on installation of a heat pump, that it will provide you sufficient warmth when cold weather arrives.

Speak to the team at Red Rock Mechanical if you want to know more about installation of a heat pump in Burlington, VT and the surrounding areas. We provide complete services for heat pumps, including installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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