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When Unclogging Isn’t Fixing Your Drain Problems

leak-in-p-trap-pipeDrain clogs are about as basic a plumbing problem as you can imagine. In some cases, you can clear out a drain yourself with a plunger. In others, you may need our professional drain cleaning services to remove the more obstinate clogs. As long as you remember to call for professionals rather than reach for a store-bought drain cleaner when the plunger doesn’t work, you should be in good shape.

But there are times when you’ll need something more than unclogging for your drains. You may need drain repair in Burlington, VT, and this is a job we’re ready to help you with. Please don’t delay when you suspect you have bigger troubles than a basic clog, since the trouble may soon affect all the drains in your house. 

Below we’ll look at situations where you may need the next step in drain repair.

The Constant Clogging Drain

There’s one drain in your house, maybe a bathroom sink drain, that seems to clog regularly. You can get the water flowing down the drain with a plunger, so you might not think it’s a major problem. But if you’re unclogging it every week, something is leading to the clogs that need removal, and a plunger won’t do it. 

This is where professional drain cleaning comes in handy: our plumbers can fully clean out the drain to remove debris, such as accumulated soap scum, hard water deposits, and organic build-up. We’ll give the drain a clean start.

Leaking Under the Sink

This is a drain repair problem that can sometimes go unnoticed. Because you may store many items under a sink in the bathroom or kitchen, you may not notice water dripping from the drainpipe onto the bottom of the cabinet—possibly until mold and mildew start to develop and there’s water damage. 

If you see any water dripping from the drainpipe assembly beneath the drain, call for plumbers to replace the drainpipe. Don’t try to handle this with a few wrenches, as you may end up making the problem worse. 

Blocked Drain Vents

Drain vents are an important part of the drainage system for your house. These are vertical pipes that allow sewer gas to escape up through the roof of the house rather than create pressure that causes the gas to back up through the drains. If the vents are obstructed, you may start to hear a gurgling sound from the drains and detect sewer odors. Our plumbers can find out if the problem lies in the drain vents, and then get to work repairing them.

Outdated Drain Material

If you’re experiencing a range of different drain issues at the same time, such as leaks and clogs, it may be time to have the old drainpipes replaced with modern materials. If your house was built prior to 1970, the drains are probably made from galvanized steel, which will corrode after 50 years, i.e. about now. We can upgrade your drainpipes with copper and different types of plastic that will do a far better job.

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