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Spring Is Here—Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

service-reminder-clockSpring arrived a few days earlier on the calendar this year. But that’s only the “official” first day of spring, a point in the Earth’s journey around the Sun. Our local weather doesn’t obey the calendar, and the cold weather blows through here sometimes until May. But spring is still the season of air conditioning tune-ups and inspections, no matter what the weather is like. Without fail, the summer heat will arrive, and you’ll want your air conditioning system in peak shape to handle it.

To schedule spring AC maintenance, you don’t print up a list from the internet and try to get through it on your own. You need a Burlington, VT, HVAC contractor with experience, skill, and licensing. You can rely on our more than two decades of experience serving local homes with heating and cooling to give you the finest AC maintenance tune-up.

Why This Must Be Done Each Spring

We know you may feel tempted to skip maintenance this year because you’re overwhelmed. We understand—everybody feels a bit overwhelmed now. But maintenance is an essential task, and it isn’t difficult for you. You only have to call our technicians, schedule a time, and they’ll have the work done fast and with little inconvenience.

We want to emphasize why this is so vital. Below are the reasons your AC must have professional maintenance annually.

  • It helps the system run longer: You don’t want to be stuck with an AC that needs a replacement years before its time. That’s a large expense. Where a well-maintained air conditioning system can last from 10 to 15 years, one without maintenance will last half that time, or even less.
  • It prevents the majority of repairs: And we do mean majority. Tests have shown that an air conditioner with maintenance experiences on average 85% fewer repairs than one that goes without. Those repairs add up both in price and inconvenience.
  • It prevents emergency breakdowns: On the hottest day of the year, your AC will put in a great deal of work. That stress may cause the system to breakdown if it’s been allowed to deteriorate and decline because of neglect. You’ll enjoy better peace of mind each summer after the AC has gotten its professional tune-up and inspection.
  • It stops rising utility bills: An air conditioner accounts for a large chunk of your electrical bill each summer. That chunk will get larger each year the AC goes without maintenance as the system wears down. Maintenance keeps the air conditioner at regular efficiency for most of its service life, and that prevents you from seeing larger utility bills.
  • It keeps the warranty in force: Most manufacturers’ warranties for HVAC equipment are only good if the system has professional maintenance each year. You don’t want to lose the warranty on your AC since it protects you from having to pay for a repair or replacement due to a factory fault.

Get on the maintenance schedule today, and you can relax about your summer comfort needs.

Red Rock Mechanical, LLC serves Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York. Call us today to arrange for your essential AC tune-up and inspection.

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