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Some Landscaping Tips to Help Prevent Root Damage to the Sewer Line

A frequent problem that people encounter with their sewer line is root infiltration. The sewer line is buried a few feet underground on your property, where it’s protected from most potential damage. But the roots of trees and some shrubs will seek out the sewer line because of provides moisture and nutrients. The roots can start to grow into the pipeline, creating clogs and eventually placing enough pressure on the material that it will start to crack.

You must call professional plumbers when you have trouble with a sewer line. (The pipeline is the responsibility of the homeowner until it crosses under the property line.) However, we have some advice for landscaping your yard and garden to help prevent root infiltration from starting in the first place.

First, know where the sewer line is located

To know how best to plant around the sewer line, you have to know where it is. The easiest way to do this is to contact a local municipal authority who can identify the sewer line’s location. You know those services that tell you to “call before you dig!” Yes, those are the people you should call.

Second, keep the area around the line clear

Give the sewer line a 10-foot clearance where there are no trees or shrubs planted. (Grass and flowers are fine.) You should probably keep most trees 10 to 20 feet away from the line, and trees with deep roots perhaps even further distant.

Third, plant trees that are safer for underground piping

It’s a good idea to plant trees that will pose little threat to your water line because they have shallow or slow-growing roots. Some suggestions: Japanese maple, Carolina buckthorn, most crabapples, wintersweet, and boxwood. Stay clear of ashes, sycamores, most oaks, willows, birches, elms, and beeches. Consult with a local nursery to learn more.

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