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Should I Replace My Old Bathroom Toilet?

When people think about replacing major appliances in their home because of wear and tear from age, the toilet isn’t often one of the first that comes to mind. But toilets can suffer from damage due to years of use just as much as an air conditioning system or a furnace. When you consider how necessary a toilet is for day to day comfort and hygiene, knowing when you need to replace the toilet is important. We have some advice on times when it’s a good idea to call up professional plumbers to arrange for a toilet replacement.

The toilet is wasting water

Old toilet models from more than twenty years ago use an immense amount of water per flush, sometimes as much as 6 gallons. Newer toilets use around 4 gallons, and special low-flow toilets designed to conserve water can use as little as 1.5 gallons per flush. Since a toilet accounts for around 40% of water use in a house, replacing an old toilet can make an immense difference in the water bills.

The toilet has cracks along the porcelain

A hairline crack along the bowl or the tank of a toilet isn’t a cosmetic issue: it’s a serious problem that will eventually lead to leaking and damage to the floor. Cracks usually require replacing the bowl or the entire toilet. Don’t hesitate: call a plumber right away.

The toilet is clogging all the time

If a plunger is now standard equipment to get a toilet to keep working through the week, then something is seriously wrong. Repairs might be able to address the problem, but if the toilet is already quite old, then it’s probably best to simply have it replaced. In fact, any kind of mounting repairs is usually a sign that putting in a new toilet is the best option.

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