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Recognizing Signs of Trouble with Your Air Conditioning in Montpelier, VT

When it comes to your air conditioning, the sooner you can spot a potential problem, the better the chances of dealing with it before it becomes a much larger problem. Problems can arise through lack of use that only become apparent months after they’ve first appeared. Recognizing signs of trouble with your air conditioning will go a long way towards addressing them in a timely fashion, saving you the cost of a big repair.

Signs of trouble can vary widely, but a few of the most common ones can be found below:

  • Higher bills: The first and most obvious sign of an AC problem comes with your monthly electric bill. If you see a spike in the costs and haven’t altered your electrical use habits, it could signal an air conditioning system that is laboring to keep your home cool.
  • No cool air: If your air conditioning is blowing air, but none of it seems to be cool air, it may signal lowered refrigerant levels. (A professional technician can safely recharge the refrigerant for you.) It might also signal a dirty air filter, which you can replace with a clean one fairly easily.
  • Low air flow: Low air flow usually indicates a blockage in the system somewhere, requiring a professional cleaning to fix. It might also indicate a damaged or leaking vent, which would also prevent air from circulating your home.
  • No power: If the AC refuses to turn on at all, it could be a sign of serious trouble. Many air conditioning systems have automatic switch-off features when a particular component gets damaged. They’re intended to prevent any further damage to the system. It may also indicate something much simpler, like a thermostat set too high or an electrical problem elsewhere in the house.
  • Unusual noises: Broken or damaged components within the air conditioning system may create a buzzing or rattling noise. You might also hear a hum or a whistle if air is escaping through leaks in the system, or a grinding noise if broken components are scraping against each other.

Regardless of the exact symptom, you should call in a professional once you recognize signs of trouble. Red Rock Mechanical handles air conditioning issues in Montpelier, VT, including maintenance and replacement projects. Contact us today to see about solving your AC problem. 

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