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Post-Holidays: A Good Time for Drain Cleaning!

The holiday season is almost behind us. January is the month when we return to work and look ahead at the year and think of important chores that need to be done. January is a “clean-up and maintenance month.” One bit of house-cleaning that we recommend is drain cleaning.

You may not have thought about arranging for professional drain cleaning services before (no, pouring chemicals down the drains is not “drain cleaning”), but you’ll be impressed at what a difference it will make during the rest of the year.

Your Drains Need Cleaning after the Holidays

You can’t see the inside of your drains, so it’s hard to know just how dirty they can get over time—especially after the holiday season that’s been going strong since Halloween. Debris easily build-ups on the drainpipe walls, and the most common type of build-up is from fats, oils, and grease. When hot, they are in liquid form, but solidify into a waxy-substance when as they cool. You can try to keep as much fat, oil, and grease from going down the drains while you cook and prepare meals, but you can’t stop all of it. After many big family meals and celebrations, the drains may have a large quantity of thick build-up.

And you can guess what this leads to: clogs. There’s no way to prevent all clogging, but keeping the drains as free from build-up as possible will stop most of them. If you want a 2017 where you don’t have to regularly look for the plunger or drain auger to unclog drains around the house, then scheduling drain cleaning is the answer.

The Professional Drain Cleaning Difference

We already mentioned that you shouldn’t poor chemical drain cleaners down the drains: they don’t really “clean,” and the acid in them can end up damaging the drainpipes. Handcranked drain augers (drain snakes) can cut through simple clogs, but they don’t clean out the root problems. Professionals use powerful motorized drain snakes and hydro-jetting machines to deliver a deep cleaning that will keep the drains clear until the next holiday season.

Contact our team of plumbers today to arrange for the drain cleaning services that will put your plumbing into great shape for 2017.

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