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Important Jobs That Require a Trained Plumber

plumbing-material-in-bathroomYou may think of yourself as handy around the house, and you’re proud of your tools and getting jobs done on your own. That’s great for some parts of the house—but it isn’t great for the plumbing system. The majority of plumbing tasks must be left to licensed and trained plumbers to ensure they’re done right and don’t end up creating leaks, water waste, construction damage, and other problems. Here are some jobs that require a professional plumber in Plattsburgh, NY:

Work on any gas pipes

A home that uses natural gas for appliances such as the heater, stove, oven, etc. moves the natural gas through a series of pipes. You may not think of this gas piping as part of the “plumbing system,” but they are nonetheless something that plumbers—at least our plumbers—work on. You must never attempt to tamper with gas lines yourself because of the potential danger involved. In most jurisdictions, licensed plumbers are the only people permitted to work on gas lines. If you suspect leaking gas pipes or need new gas lines installed, call a licensed plumber.

Fixing pipe leaks

A dripping faucet is usually easy to repair. But other types of leaks, from any pipes in the house, are best left to a professional with the right tools. If you see signs of leaking from pipes behind the ceilings or walls (such as discoloration spots), you shouldn’t attempt to reach the pipes yourself. Actually locating the leaking pipe in the first place isn’t easy and requires special leak detection equipment. Fixing the pipe usually requires replacing a section of it, and if the wrong pipe goes in, it can mean trouble. You don’t want a small leak to turn into a gusher!

Dealing with frozen pipes

Here’s a trouble homes often run into during our cold winters. A frozen pipe is a major problem because it can lead to the pipe bursting. And this bursting usually happens because of DIY attempts to thaw out the pipe. It’s usually the thawing that creates the spike in pressure that bursts the pipe! So put away the hair dryer or space heater (or any kind of blow torch!) and call for plumbers to help with thawing the frozen pipes.

New fixture installation

Are you ready to have a new sink put in the bathroom? How about a faucet with a sprayer extension in the kitchen? Maybe a garbage disposal? All good ideas. What’s not a good idea is making any of these jobs into do-it-yourself projects. It not only takes too much time to handle on your own, but the risk of a leaking, poorly installed appliance or fixture is high. Sinks that leak around the edges, incorrectly sized pipes creating high or low water pressure—plenty can go wrong. Let a plumber do the job, and it will be done quickly and correctly so you’ll get the most years and best performance out of your new fixtures and appliances.

Drain unclogging if the plunger doesn’t work

In other words: don’t pour acidic “drain cleaners” down those plugged up drains! You may damage them. Plumbers will have the problem fixed thoroughly in no time at all.

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