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How to Tell You Need Drain Cleaning

When one of the sinks in your home stops draining, you know you have a clog. If you can’t remove the clog with the use of a standard sink plunger, then contact a licensed plumber to take care of the drain cleaning that will completely clear out the sink without damaging the drainpipe.

This is an example of an obvious sign that you need to schedule drain cleaning. But professional service to clean your drains is also about prevention. There are less obvious signs that your drains are developing heavy build-up, from organic and inorganic deposits, and that you should have them extensively cleaned before they lead to full stoppages. Below are some indications that you should call our plumbers to arrange for drain cleaning.

Frequent slow drains

As build-up along the drain walls increase, there is less space for wastewater to pass through, resulting in a slow drain. This isn’t something you should ignore, because it will soon turn into a complete clog, and probably an extremely obstinate clog. The build-up isn’t good for the pipe material either.

Bad odors from the drains

This is a common occurrence with kitchen drains that need to be cleaned, since a variety of organic material goes into them which can start to rot. There are other possibilities for bad smells from drains, such as a dried p-trap (which occurs when a sink hasn’t been used for a few weeks) or serious issues down within the sewer line. If you notice bad smells from multiple drains in the house, you’ll probably need more serious plumbing repairs than standard drain cleaning.

Drain flies

Tiny flies swarming around a drain isn’t a pleasant sight. It usually means there’s extensive organic waste built up in the pipes. Simply using pesticide on the flies won’t eliminate the trouble (and it may create toxic hazards in your kitchen): have the drains cleaned.

To arrange for professional plumbing services in the Burlington, VT area, call on Red Rock Mechanical LLC.

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