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How to Tell It’s Time to Call for Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

The bathroom isn’t at the center of your home life, but it’s certainly one of the essential rooms for getting along from day to day. You need to be able to depend on the plumbing in this room to work each time you need it—a plumbing failure here can result in flooding, water damage, and incredible inconveniences.

The best way to avoid serious plumbing trouble in your bathroom is to respond rapidly to any sign that something is wrong. Don’t shrug off any issue that may seem “minor”… because it probably won’t remain minor for long! Below are a few of the more common warning signs that you need to call expert plumbers for bathroom repair work:

Water discoloration

A color taint in the water from the faucets and showerheads is often a warning that the fresh water pipes are either leaking or they are suffering from mild to heavy corrosion. If the discoloration doesn’t disappear within a few minutes, call on a plumber to see what’s wrong.

Drop in water pressure

Is the showerhead simply not sending out the water at the pressure it used to, or has the faucet flow turned to a trickle? Once you make sure that the problem isn’t due to clogging inside the faucet or showerhead, you should contact a plumber to find if there are leaking pipes hidden behind the walls or if a clog has developed in the fresh water system.

Slow drains

A slow drain often is nothing more complex than a clog, and you can often fix this using a basic plunger. (Don’t resort to chemical drain cleaners, however, as they can damage the drainpipes.) But if you can’t clear up the slow drain on your own, you might be dealing with more serious problems in the plumbing for the bathroom. Call a professional to handle it.

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