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How Old Is “Too Old” When It Comes to Air Conditioners?

This is a good question to ask whenever the hot weather starts up and you turn on your trusty ol’ cooling system for comfort. Because once an air conditioner is “too old,” it won’t stay trusty much longer. You could end up with a busted AC on the hottest day of the year, waiting for repairs to arrive and hoping that the system can be fixed. If your air conditioner has been with you long enough that you’re starting to wonder if it is past its prime, put serious consideration into replacing it.

But is there an “expiration date” for an AC?

There’s something like one. Each modern air conditioner comes with a manufacturer’s estimated lifespan for the system. That will give you an idea of how long the air conditioner is expected to last. Most estimated lifespans for standard central air conditioners are between 10–15 years. High efficiency systems sometimes tend to be on the lower end of the range because of their precision parts and the thinner material used for the coils that helps increase their efficiency. Check on your system’s lifespan expectancy (it should be on the cabinet). If your AC is older than this, it’s definitely time to bring in a professional for an opinion on whether you need to have a new system installed.

Regular maintenance makes a difference

For an AC to make it to its lifespan estimate, it must have routine maintenance done every year. Without it, the system is likely to fail much earlier (and might void the warranty). If your system hasn’t received regular inspections and tune-ups, shave a few years off the estimated lifespan.

20 years is definitely too old

An air conditioner that has managed to reach 20 years of service is impressive… but the risk of a massive failure is too high. Replace it as soon as possible.

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