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How a Professional Plumber Unclogs Your Drains

Sooner or later, every plumbing system gets drain clogs. Whether it’s hot grease poured down your sink, hair and soap trapped in the tub, or slow blockages building up over time, clogs are inevitable. Many people assume they can treat them with store-bought cleansers or snakes, but in truth a professional plumber is your best option. Here in Williston, plumbing experts utilize a number of tricks to get drains unclogged. Here’s how a professional plumber unclogs your drains.

In the first place, plumbers rarely use chemical cleansers, which can be dangerous and don’t always do the job. Instead, they rely on snakes to handle the bulk of the clogs. But plumber’s snakes bear little resemblance to the basic models you can buy at the local hardware store. Many of professional versions are electric, allowing the plumber to bring real power to bear on the issue. They also use removable heads that let the plumber tailor the tool to fit the specific clog.

That’s not the only type of tools that a trained plumber brings to bear. He or she can send video cameras down the drain to ascertain the exact nature of the clog, allowing for an informed decision as to the best piece of equipment of the job.

People often prefer to deal with clogs themselves, but in fact, a qualified plumber can make all the difference. When you look at how a professional plumber unclogs your drains – not just in terms of the tools, but the training and know-how – it’s clear how much of a difference that makes. Here in Williston, plumbing clogs can be treated by the experts at Red Rock Mechanical. If your drains are clogged then give us a call. 

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