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Duct Sealing May Be the Answer to Your Heating Problems

ductwork-in-atticHeating systems put in a lot of work here through the winters, and we’re about to get into the most intense period of using our heating systems to make it through the winter. (You did remember to have maintenance, right? It’s easy with our one of our Preventative Maintenance Comfort Plans.)

But not all apparent heating system problems stem from inside the actual heater components, or even from the thermostats. The heating system is only one part of the entire HVAC system, which includes the ventilation ducts. Issues with those ducts may be the source of difficulties you may encounter with the heater during the winter. Some of these troubles include:

  • The compressor of a heat pump turning on and off rapidly (short-cycling)
  • Hot spots in rooms due to low airflow or insufficiently cool air from the vents
  • A steep rise in utility bills that’s out of the ordinary for when you usually run the heating system.

How does ductwork create these problems?

Although dust and dirt build-up within the ducts can account for a number of issues with a heating system, such as a drop in efficiency, the most likely culprit is air leaks. These are common in ducts, unfortunately, and they’re often due to poor initial installation. Rises in air pressure through the ductwork lead to leaks starting at connection points. Ducts can also develop leaks due to corrosion, construction damage, and animal infestations.

Even small duct leaks affect the rest of the HVAC system. If the heating system is running, the heated air will escape through these holes and into closed-off parts of the house where the ducts are placed. Think of it like this: you’re paying to heat air that ends up going into a place like the attic where it doesn’t do any good.

How much of this heated air loss goes to the leaks? It can be up to 30% of the air in the ventilation system. Imagine what a steep increase in costs this creates over the winter. It also causes the other problems we listed above. The leaks lower the air pressure within the ductwork, which is what leads to a drop in airflow. The low pressure is also a trigger for short-cycling if your heating system is a heat pump, a major problem that can inflict long-term damage to the system’s compressor.

Duct repair is the solution to leaky ducts

You may need to have professionals seal up the leaks in your ductwork to fix your heating problems. Only trained experts with special tools can do this job. It’s not a “duct tape” project!

You may not know if the ducts are the source of the heating troubles you’re experiencing, but that’s why you should call on HVAC professionals like us to investigate the heater and ductwork. We’ll figure out if duct repair is the correct approach and then ensure the sealing work is done correctly so the ventilation system is airtight once more.

Whatever troubles you’re having with your home heating, you can trust us for the heating repair in Plattsburgh, NY you need.

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