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Is Duct Cleaning Worth the Cost?

duct-cleaning-before-afterYou may have heard about duct cleaning services and wondered if this is something you should invest in. If you’re hesitant, it may be because you’ve heard stories about air duct cleaning scams that don’t offer a service that’s worthwhile. Unfortunately, it’s true there are many disreputable companies who claim to provide duct cleaning services at cut-rate prices—and then deliver a “cleaning” that’s hardly better than nothing at all. Cut-rate indeed! These unreliable companies make money by scheduling numerous appointments in a day and only pretend to do any cleaning. It’s how they can charge those low rates.

However, ­real­ air duct cleaning from a reputable HVAC contractor is definitely a worthwhile investment. You don’t need to have this service done every year, but if it’s been a few years since you last had duct cleaning—or you’ve never had it done—we recommend calling us for duct cleaning in Burlington, VT. We have more than two decades of history of quality service and customer satisfaction.

Why (Good) Duct Cleaning Is Quality Investment

We still haven’t gotten to the exact reasons why you should have duct cleaning done routinely. Since the ducts aren’t a part of your home you can see, it’s easy to think that they’re always relatively clean. This is not the case! A six-person home circulates, on average, 40 lbs. of dust per year through the ventilation system. Plenty of that collects in ducts and starts to build up, further trapping more dust, lint, dander, etc. This ends up creating problems for the HVAC system and the home. If you have professionals thoroughly clean the air ducts ever few years, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • More efficient HVAC system – The blower fan in the HVAC system air handler must push against the resistance inside the ducts. Even a thin dust layer creates resistance and forces the blower to do more work. Clean ducts make the HVAC system’s job easier—and it will cost you less to run it.
  • Fewer HVAC repairs – Too much ductwork contaminants mean too many opportunities for those contaminants to get into the HVAC cabinet and damage the motors and other components. When you have these particles removed, the HVAC system will be healthier and need fewer repairs.
  • Cleaner air – Do you want all the debris clogging up the ducts blown out into your home’s air each time the blower comes on? Air duct cleaning means fewer pollutants circulating through the rooms, which is especially helpful for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Cleaner home – Think of all those pounds of dust and lint moving around your house each year. Why not have the biggest reservoir of them taken care of? Clean ducts mean a cleaner house where you won’t need to dust surfaces constantly.

Call Our Duct Cleaning Professionals

With air duct cleaning, you want to always approach HVAC professionals who aren’t offering suspiciously cheap rates and nebulous promises. Our team uses the finest tools and work to get the job done thoroughly. Trust us, and we’ll see you get the duct cleaning you need for a great HVAC system.

Schedule your air duct cleaning with Red Rock Mechanical, LLC. Serving Northwest Vermont and Northeast New York.

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