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Cut Down on Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

Here in Stowe, VT air conditioning systems see a surprising amount of use. While our winters are cold, snowy and long, our summers carry their share of heat and humidity, and without a good air conditioning system, you’re liable to start longing for the cold far more often than you should. We’re used to paying higher energy costs in the summer to cover extended air conditioning use, which can cover up a fair amount of wasted money. Besides more obvious solutions like dressing in lightweight clothes and setting your thermostat slightly higher than you normally would, here are a few quick tips to cut down on air conditioning bills this summer.

  • Schedule a maintenance session from a qualified technician.
    Maintenance sessions are a little like a tune-up for your car. The technician cleans off dust and dirt that can cause friction, tightens loose fittings that might make components rattle in their housings and replaces clogged filters to help the air flow smoothly. As a result, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job and your energy bills will go down.
  • Seal up those leaks and cracks.
    Look for spots under your door where air could escape, or similar spots on imperfectly sealed window. They could let hot air in or cause cool air to escape, raising your energy bills in the process. You can seal those spots with weather stripping, and a qualified technician can help you spot other parts of your home that can be made more energy efficient.
  • Consider a smart thermostat.
    If you have an older thermostat, look into replacing it with an upgraded model: something that lets you turn the air on and off remotely with a phone app, or even just one with a timer that you can set. Turning the air on ten minutes before you get home uses much less energy than just letting it run all day, and the house won’t feel any less comfortable when you arrive.

For more ways to cut down on air conditioning bills this summer, or to schedule a maintenance or repair session, the experts at Red Rock Mechanical are ready to help. For residents of Stowe VT, air conditioning service is vital to surviving the summer. Contact us today and let us make sure it’s ready for the job!

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