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3 Signs of Sewer Line Damage to Watch For

The sewer line that serves your home is a part of the plumbing that you won’t think about very often: it does its important job—the removal of collected solid waste and waste water from the home and out to the municipal plumbing system—underground and out of sight. That’s just as it should be. But this does create the problem of making it difficult to know when the pipe has suffered from damage causing a leak or blockage. Corrosion, tree root infiltration, and construction can create problems in sewer lines, and the sooner you can detect the problem and call for plumbers, the better off you’ll be. Below are three signs you can watch for that will warn you that you may have a sewer line in trouble.

1. Slow/clogged drains around the house

When a single drain starts to drain slowly or becomes completely blocked, it usually means the drainpipe has a clog in it. But when problems like this occur throughout a home, there is something the matter farther down the line, probably in the sewer pipe. Contact a plumber right away.

2. Water around basement drains

When a sewer line becomes backed up, the first place that the sewage will go is the lowest parts of the home. If you notice water stains around the basement drains accompanied with foul odors, you need to have professional work done on the sewer line as soon as possible.

3. Damp patches on the lawn

If sewage begins to escape from breaks along the sewer line, it will emerge as soggy and bad-smelling spots across your lawn. This is not only unpleasant, it’s unhygienic. Notify a qualified local plumber.

We must emphasize how important it is that you have any sewer line problem dealt with as soon as warning signs show up. If left unrepaired, the damaged or blocked sewer line can soon cause sewage to flood into your basement or your home’s foundation.

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