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3 Mistakes You May Make With Your Air Conditioner This Summer

As summer starts, people all over the country will turn on their air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable during the heat. But many of those people will make basic mistakes with operating and caring for their air conditioning systems that will end up costing them money or even contribute to an early failure for the ACs.

We want to help you avoid falling into these traps. Below we’ve listed some of the air conditioning mistakes that you might make in the coming summer in order to help you not fall prey to them.

Mistake #1: Neglecting to change/clean the air filter

This is the most common mistake that AC owners make, leading to costly, inefficient performance and sometimes repair issues. The air filter that protects the interior components of an air conditioner must be replaced (or cleaned if it’s a permanent filter) once a month during the summer. If it isn’t, the filter will rapidly develop clogging that will cut off airflow into the AC, leading to poor performance and high utility bills. Make sure you keep up with monthly changes for the filter.

Mistake #2: Placing the thermostat too low

You don’t need to drop the thermostat’s setting down to 60°F to comfortably cool your home. Not only is that too cold, but it will just keep the AC running longer. The air conditioner will drain power and start to wear down rapidly. Try to keep the temperature at a comfortable setting in the mid-70s and you’ll save money and enjoy a longer service life from the system.

Mistake #3: Blocking air vents

Spring cleaning in a home often moves furniture in front of the air vents and blocks them. When the AC comes on, it will have a much harder time sending cooled air into the rooms if it has to face obstructed vents. If you notice a room that feels hotter than it should be, look for the air vents to make sure you haven’t blocked any of them.

Some air conditioning problems you can’t avoid, like mechanical issues and refrigerant leaks. When you AC starts to lose power, or if its fans won’t turn off, call Red Rock Mechanical in Burlington, VT. We will take care of your air conditioning repairs.

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